Verb · From ἀπό (G575) and ἔρχομαι (G2064)

From G575 and G2064; to go off (i.e. depart), aside (i.e. apart) or behind (i.e. follow), literally or figuratively:—come, depart, go (aside, away, back, out, … ways), pass away, be past.


  1. to go away, depart
    1. to go away in order to follow any one, go after him, to follow his party, follow him as a leader
  2. to go away
    1. of departing evils and sufferings
    2. of good things taken away from one
    3. of an evanescent state of things

Usages (1/3)

Matthew 16:4


Sign of the prophet Jonah: Metaphor for the death of Yahawashi, i.e. being dead for three days and then coming back to life. Jonah was swallowed by a great fish where he remained for “three days and three nights”, Jonah 1:15–17.

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Matthew 25:10


And while they went to buy... The foolish are going to try and get the truth but it will be too late.

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