Verb · A strengthened form of μέλει (G3199) (through the idea of expectation)

A strengthened form of G3199 (through the idea of expectation); to intend, i.e. be about to be, do, or suffer something (of persons or things, especially events; in the sense of purpose, duty, necessity, probability, possibility, or hesitation):—about, after that, be (almost), (that which is, things, + which was for) to come, intend, was to (be), mean, mind, be at the point, (be) ready, + return, shall (begin), (which, that) should (after, afterwards, hereafter) tarry, which was for, will, would, be yet.


  1. to be about
    1. to be on the point of doing or suffering something
    2. to intend, have in mind, think to

Usages (1/3)

Matthew 2:13


Joseph was told to go into Egypt because there was a heavy concentration of Israelites in Egypt (In Josephus's history, it is claimed that, after the first Ptolemy took Judea, he led some 120,000 Jewish captives to Egypt from the areas of Judea).

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Matthew 3:7


wrath to come 70AD and the end of this Kingdom.

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