נצב | bcn

a primitive root
Short definition
to station, in various applications (literally or figuratively)
appointed, deputy, erect, establish, × Huzzah (by mistake for a proper name), lay, officer, pillar, present, rear up, set (over, up), settle, sharpen, establish, (make to) stand(-ing) (still, up, upright), best state
Long definition
1to stand, take one's stand, stand upright, be set (over), establish
1to station oneself, take one's stand
2to stand, be stationed
3to stand, take an upright position
4to be stationed, be appointed
5deputy, prefect, appointed, deputed (subst)
6to stand firm
1to station, set
2to set up, erect
3to cause to stand erect
4to fix, establish
3(Hophal) to be fixed, be determined, be stationary
Strong's Concordance
Strong's Concordance

divided to the nations.. Gave each nation their land. separated the sons of Adam You had three classifications of men at that time: the sons of God (known at the time as the Adamites but now as the Israelites), the sons of Men (the heathen nations) and the sons of the Wicked (the descendants of Cain and today the Edomites).

Strong's Concordance
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