Verb · A primitive root

A primitive root; to increase (in whatever respect):—(bring in) abundance (× -antly), archer (by mistake for H7232), be in authority, bring up, × continue, enlarge, excel, exceeding(-ly), be full of, (be, make) great(-er, -ly, × -ness), grow up, heap, increase, be long, (be, give, have, make, use) many (a time), (any, be, give, give the, have) more (in number), (ask, be, be so, gather, over, take, yield) much (greater, more), (make to) multiply, nourish, plenty(-eous), × process (of time), sore, store, thoroughly, very.


  1. be or become great, be or become many, be or become much, be or become numerous
    1. (Qal)
      1. to become many, become numerous, multiply (of people, animals, things)
      2. to be or grow great
    2. (Piel) to make large, enlarge, increase, become many
    3. (Hiphil)
      1. to make much, make many, have many
        1. to multiply, increase
        2. to make much to do, do much in respect of, transgress greatly
        3. to increase greatly or exceedingly
      2. to make great, enlarge, do much
  2. (Qal) to shoot

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